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KSI Ice Water Chiller

KSI Ice water chiller consists of double embossed heat exchange panels made of stainless steel. Water is pumped into the distribution tray and it flows at controlled rate from an over panel distribution through evenly down the outside of the heat exchange panels into the tank, being chilled in the process.


Water is being cooled down to 0,5 C while flowing down the panels. KSI Ice water chiller operates at high evaporating temperatures due to the high heat conduction coefficient of the panels. Therefore the KSI Ice water chiller is more economical when compared to conventional systems with piping.


Advantages of KSI Ice water chiller:

s 24 hours ice water production at +0.5C
Water cooling down to +0,5 C at -2 C to –4 C evaporation temperature
s Increased capacity due to high evaporation temperature
s 30% to 40% energy saving when compared to conventional systems
s Up to %80 lower refrigerant volume
s Low investment costs
s Stainless steel
s Easy to operate
s Simple maintenance and easy cleaning
s High efficiency