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Our company, KSI Ltd., founded in 1979, operates in the field of contracting, manufacturing and project of industrial refrigerating systems. We are one of the leading companies of this area in TURKEY thanks to our 30 years of experience and qualified staff.

Our company’s mission statement has always been ensuring an effective, efficient and reliable cooperation with the customer, who we perceive as our business partner. We, as KSI Klima Ltd, have the aim of ensuring high level of quality, which we believe can only be ensured through satisfying the customers’ requirements & needs fully.

We successfully serve the companies that operate in the area of production & storage of meat (red meat, fishery, poultry), dairy products (milk, cheese,etc), beverage, brewery, fruit & vegetables and etc. We also serve the poultry slaughter houses the number of which nowadays show a rapid increase.

 We have the sales representation of the following globally known companies:
s MYCOM from Japan – manufacturer of refrigerating compressors
s WITT from Germany – manufacturer of refrigerant pumps

Cold stores, frozen stores, freezing tunnels, IQF, ice machines, ice-water systems are included in our main area of operation.