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KSI Broken Ice Machine


KSI broken ice machine has the ability to produce ice 24 hours long continuously.

Its capacity range is 1 to 100 tons/day.

KSI broken ice machine consists of double embossed heat exchange panels made of stainless steel.

Water is pumped to the distribution system above the ice maker. It flows evenly down the outside of the panels according to the falling-film principle. This process chills the water and ice is built on the panel surfaces. At preset intervals hot gas is automatically led for a short time to the panels and the ice is released down. Ammonia is used inside the panels as the cooling medium.

Conventional ice machines require two staged refrigiretion systems and they operate at –30C, -35C evaporation temperatures. However, for the KSI broken ice machines only one staged refrigeration system is sufficient because they work at –8C, -10C or –12C evaporation temperatures due to their high heat conduction coeeficient.

As a result the following savings when compared to the conventional system appears:
one piece low stage compressor and the electircal energyto be consumed by the low stage compressor will be saved.

With KSI broken ice machine broken ice has no sharp ends, therefore there is no damage to the product.

It is soft and gets easily melted. There is no clogging or packing of ice.

Please see below for the comparison of KSI ice broken ice machine with conventional ice machines