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WITT – Hermetic Refrigerant Pumps
HRP 3232, HRP 5040, HRP 5050, HRP 8050

The use of hermetic pumps nowadays show an increase due to the legislative demands & regulations.
Hermetic refrigerant pumps ensure that the ammonia circuit is absolutely hermetic. This means that no ammonia can escape from the system.
Presently, WITT HRP Hermetic Refrigerant Pump Series include 4 types of HRP-pumps (HRP 3232, HRP 5040, HRP 5050, HRP 8050) each of them having different dimensions & properties.
These 4 types of WITT Hermetic pumps cover a large range of applications for industrial refrigeration whereby nearly any refrigerant can be used.
HRP 5040, HRP 5050 and HRP 8050 types are for horizontal position and HRP 3232 is for vertical complementing the series.

Advantages of WITT hermetic pumps HRP:
s Unrivalled safety
s No need for complex safety systems. HRP pumps are robust & strong.
s No orifices or degassing lines required
s Cost-efficient low-wear bearing design; bearing with extremely low wear, replacement at relatively low cost if necessary.
s Low maintenance
s Suspended installation possible