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[SCV Series] - [FM Series]

For over 30 years Mycom has been designing and manufacturing screw compressors.
All Mycom screw compressors have oil injection.
Due to the patented rotor shapes,a high efficiency has been achieved.
The high quality of the screw compressors provides the user with a low running and maintenance cost.

SCV Series Screw Compressors      :

s Mycom SCV series screw compressors are widely used in industrial refrigeration applications.

Low stage, high stage types and types with economizer available

s Drive method is direct drive with 3000 rpm

s Operates with HCFC / HFC & NH3 refrigerants

s Swept Volume 415 to 9 720 m3/h.

s Special types are available (for natural gas etc.)


MYCOM SCV Series Screw Compressors Capacity Chart




FM Series Screw Compressors        : 
The Mycom FM125 and FM160 series screw compressors are budget friendly, high quality screw compressors.

At lower capacity needs FM Series screw compressors provide a more economical solution when compared to the SCV series screw compressors.

MYCOM SCV Series Screw Compressors Capaciy Chart