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[WA series] - [WB series] 

Mycom piston compressors meet different industrial needs with proven high quality, strength and easy-to-operate compressor units.

Mycom compressors are available in WA & WB series with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder models. They can be executed with water- or air-cooled headcovers and water or DX oil cooler. The WA & WB series are also available as a compound (two-stage) compressor as well.

The following accessories are included with WA & WB Series Reciprocating Compressors:
s  Water-cooled headcovers and crankcase jacket on -W. models
s  Air-cooled headcovers -A. models
s  Water-cooled oil cooler (stainless steel type) on -.W models
s  Direct expansion oilcooler on -.D models
s  External safety valve (21.0 barG)
s  Thermometers for discharge and suction side
s  Unloader solenoid valves for for all capacity steps (230V/50Hz)
s  Automatic pressure equalizing valve
s  200W oilheater with thermostat
s  Oil drain and charge valve 3/8"
s  Purge valve 3/8"
s  Tool kit (special tools only)

MYCOM Reciprocating Compressors Capacity Chart