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Air Coolers with Fins (Evaporators)


s Seamless or welded steel pipes of 21,3 x 2,0 mm.
s Steel fins of 0,26 mm. thickness and with dimensions of 258 x 500mm or 258 x 750mm
s Fin spacing of 8, 10, 12, 14 mm (standard 10 or 14 mm)
s Pipe spacing of 62 / 70mm.
s Pipe supporting made of 4 mm.thick steel plates
s Complete covering made of galvanized steel sheets
s Galvanized drip tray for defrosting
s Axial electro-galvanized fans
s Hot gas coil in drip tray for sub zero temperatures.
s Pressure test in water with 25 kg/cm2 air.
s Specially designed air coolers for:  
                 s Freezing Tunnels
                 s Meat slaugther houses 
                 s Air chilling systems in poultry slaughter houses 
                 s Packaging rooms